Web Hosting Locally or with Servers Overseas.

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If you live in any of the third world country managing your website locally is achievable even when dedicated servers are located overseas. Nowadays, you can live in the United States, market your products in England at the same time host your servers in Russia or any other country you can think of. You can make updates to this website sitting in a Starbucks coffee shop in Chicago. Indeed the digital revolution has made web hosting a dynamic industry.

Getting your website hosted overseas is a good option based on what you expect to accomplish. there are other things to consider.

  1. affordability: a lot of web designers, consider their web hosting abroad because of the low cost, you have to also remember that the cheaper the cost sometimes result in cheap services as well.
  2. customer support: there’s top notch competition going on between web hosting providers, thankfully that has put a lot of web hosting companies on their A-game. Yanoco Global offers 24/7 customer support regardless of the time zone differences. Also, it is important that the customer support representative understands and speaks the language that you speak.
  3. web response time: If you have your server far away from where you are, your website is prone to load slower compared to someone who lives closer to his/her server. you don’t want your website to be slow in loading because you would lose a lot of customers. It is important that you chose your web hosting location wisely so that your potential visitors come from areas close to where your servers are.
  4. google ranking: a person searching for your domain sitting in the United States would see your website rank higher in search engine if your web hosting is  located in the United States. However, a person sitting in Trinidad or St Lucia won’t see the same search engine ranking like the one sitting in the United States. SERP- Search Engine Result Page ranking affects the incoming traffic you get. so consider your target audience before selecting where you want your web hosting servers to be located. choose a country where you expect the highest visitor traffic from

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